By Larry L. Taylor

Some people are able to make a killing on the foreign exchange market. Others end up losing everything and quitting totally. If you want to find yourself in the former group, not the latter, you need to do your research. This article has seven amazing secrets which can help you find great Forex success.

1. Set Goals

The most important thing you can do is set goals. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, from losing weight to quitting smoking, goals are what keep you focused and determined. Set goals for every part of your progress, from start to finish. Reward yourself when goals are met and then set new goals to keep yourself motivated. If you continue to best those goals, you will only find success in the future.

2. Set Time Frames

As you figure out what your goals are, you need to set time frames for when they need to be reached. Short-term goals will keep you motivated from week to week, giving you standards which are easy to reach. Long-term goals will remind you of what you strive for and what the little goals will lead to. Make sure your rewards match the goals, smaller treats for short goals and big treats for long-term goals.

3. Select the Right Broker

Choosing a broker has to be done with care. Select someone who comes recommended from traders you trust. Look online for reviews to determine the quality of the broker’s services. Also be sure to select a broker who offers the amount of leverage you need.

4. Open Demo-Practice Account

When you know which broker you will use, open a demo account and start practicing. As you learn how the software works, you will also be able to hone your strategies. Treat it as if it is a real account so that you are building techniques which will work with real money as well. Don’t move to a money-based account until you are completely comfortable.

5. Begin With a Small Mini Account

When you are ready, start with a mini account. This allows you to trade in small sums without using leverage, which is very risky. You can build your comfort even further as you see that your strategies are beginning to work. This builds your research skills and ensures that you will be able to start trading with larger sums without any anxiety.

6. Trade With Home Currency

The best bet when beginning to trade is to start with the currency of your home country. You will know the situation locally as far as the economy is concerned, meaning you can avoid the research necessary if you were to invest in a far away currency. You will also be able to understand better how the currency compares to others, allowing you to choose pairs which offer the greatest rewards. Once you are able to master your own currency, you can move on to others around the world.

7. When Comfortable – Slowly Expand to Other Currencies

These ideas may seem like common sense, but many traders ignore them and fail as a result. Be sure to use them all as you craft your Forex strategies. You will be left with large profits, small losses and an overall income boost.

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