After some reading, I thought I would do a Binary Options Review for my forex blog readers.

Binary Options is offering its new software, Signals Live, to current Forex traders and those wishing to get into trading in the Forex market.  Competition is fierce in the Forex marketplace, so it’s important to gain any edge you can in trades.  I wanted to look into the claims about this product and decided to try it myself and submit this review for your edification.

Signals Live is easy to use, offers great technical support and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.  Even if you got it and didn’t like it (which I don’t see happening), you can easily get your purchase price refunded, no questions asked.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying Signals Live, and from my experience, a lot to gain!

Simple to Use, Easy to Understand

I found all of the signals easy to follow, and the advice was timely and straightforward.  When I used Signals Live, I already had some experience in the Forex market.  I also allowed a few of my friends to try it out.  They were not at all familiar with Forex trading, but they all commented on how easy it was to understand and grasp what was going on in the market by the signals presented by the software.  In other words, it was as easy for them to use, even with zero Forex market knowledge, as it was for me, a more experienced trader.

Getting Started

The process to start using Signals Live was very simple, although you’ll have to have a Skype account to use the service.  If you don’t have one, they are very easy to set up, so this is not usually a hindrance in using Signals Live.

You’re going to have to choose a broker to use.  This is relatively simple as Signals Live has brokers they recommend.  You can choose theirs or one of your own, but be advised that Signals Live does not monitor the potential spreads of outside brokers, so you may notice lesser results if you’re not using one they partner with.

If you’re not sure you want to purchase Signals Live outright, you can sign up for a three day, no-obligation trial of the program.  Once you’ve signed up, just enter your Skype username to be added to the Signals Live group.  You’ll receive an e-mail and a Skype message regarding your addition to the group.  Just log in to your Skype at least five minutes before the trading session starts and our traders will send signals relevant to you.


When you are getting ready to begin trading, you’ll need to decide if you want to do many separate trades, or if you’d rather place an either/or “call” or “put” on a specific asset for a designated period of time.  The latter makes trading a little more relaxed, in that you are not so concerned with being present during every minute of the session.  Live Signals helps with this type of trading by giving you signals for specific assets that have a higher success rate, typically around 75% to 85%.

I found Live Signals to be exceedingly good at sending signals that were timely and helpful.  I was able to realize some profit from my venture, which lasted a month.  I wasn’t using lots of money, but I did make many trades.  More than 80% were a net gain.

Signals Live is easy to use, profitable and helpful for and Forex trader, whether experienced or not.  I would highly recommend using this program for a month just to see how well it can work.

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