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Binary Options Review

After some reading, I thought I would do a Binary Options Review for my forex blog readers.

Binary Options is offering its new software, Signals Live, to current Forex traders and those wishing to get into trading in the Forex market.  Competition is fierce in the Forex marketplace, so it’s important to gain any edge you can in trades.  I wanted to look into the claims about this product and decided to try it myself and submit this review for your edification.

Signals Live is easy to use, offers great technical support and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.  Even if you got it and didn’t like it (which I don’t see happening), you can easily get your purchase price refunded, no questions asked.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying Signals Live, and from my experience, a lot to gain!

Simple to Use, Easy to Understand

I found all of the signals easy to follow, and the advice was timely and straightforward.  When I used Signals Live, I already had some experience in the Forex market.  I also allowed a few of my friends to try it out.  They were not at all familiar with Forex trading, but they all commented on how easy it was to understand and grasp what was going on in the market by the signals presented by the software.  In other words, it was as easy for them to use, even with zero Forex market knowledge, as it was for me, a more experienced trader.

Getting Started

The process to start using Signals Live was very simple, although you’ll have to have a Skype account to use the service.  If you don’t have one, they are very easy to set up, so […]

Crisis Killer Review: A new forex trading bot

Please see our crisis killer review below.

Crisis Killer is an invention by an Austrian programmer known as Thomas L.  Thomas has worked with many well-known corporations, creating sophisticated, complex computer programs, especially intelligent software for several different purposes.  These programs are referred to as “bots.”

Crisis Killer is a Forex trading bot in the same vein as other Forex trading bots already on the market.  Crisis Killer made me want to take the time to review it because its claims seemed too good to be true.  Many automated Forex bots have less-than-stellar performances, leaving me to wonder how much better this one could really be.

Discovery Phase

I was provided a digital activation license for Crisis Killer.  This is the typical delivery method for this bot, with a one-time license that provides for a lifetime of access.  Updates are offered for as long as you use the software, keeping your Crisis Killer bot up to date on all the changes that occur in the Forex trading market.  This update system is very important to the long-term viability of the bot.  Many other bots start out very well, but quickly become obsolete due to a lack of updates.

I discovered that Crisis Killer employs a unique system for Forex trading.  The specific algorithm used can detect trade patterns and determine when it the most advantageous time to enter the market.  It was tested by the creator with 100,000 Euro in the volatile Forex marketplace.  When Thomas analyzed his results over a two-month period, he was convinced that it was time to release Crisis Killer to the public.

I found that Crisis Killer was extremely friendly to novice users.  Anyone who has little to no experience in this arena would do […]

Million Dollar Pips Forex Trading Bot Review : Million Dollar Forex Trading Bot Provides Error Free Trading

Are you looking for a Million Dollar Pips Forex Trading Robot Review?

Look no further as well discuss how you can make money from this forex trading robot.

The growing popularity of Forex trading is inspiring individuals to take it up on a full-time basis, often even abandoning their day jobs to pursue Forex trading.  Everyone sees the value in generating a little fast cash, but unless you understand what you’re doing, Forex trading can be more costly than beneficial.  Figuring out how to navigate in the Forex trading market can involve a very steep learning curve, especially if you’re a complete newbie to that sort of trading.

So, you’ve decided you want to start trading on Forex, but you’re totally at a loss as to how to get started or which trades would be more beneficial for you.  Enter the Million Dollar Pips Forex Robot.  This automatic Forex trading system was created by William Morrison.  As a software designer, Morrison felt frustrated by the lack of progress in his career.  Overworked and tired of the daily grind, he took it upon himself to start trading in the Forex market.  Within two years, Morrison had purchased and tested six different kinds of trading bots.  His results were less than stellar, leading him to design his own version of a Forex trading bot.

This NFA-compliant trading bot makes use of a risk-management system that is built into its code.  It provides a safe, impressive way to trade confidently in the Forex market.  The excellent capacity of this bot lies in the fact that it does not incorporate martingale techniques, resulting in minimum hassle and cutbacks.

There is much skepticism regarding using a bot as your primary trading system; however, an […]

Forex Trendy Review: Forex Trendy Makes a Big Splash

Are you looking for a Forex Trendy Review?

We have looked at it and our review is set out below.

Being able to ascertain trends is the Forex market is one of the best ways to make money over the long term.  Prices typically follow definite trend lines and when they break through, it can result in a massive movement within the market.  The problem with this becomes apparent when you take into account the number of false breakouts that occur.  All sorts of trend lines can be found in the Forex market.  The real challenge lies in knowing which ones to heed, and which to disregard.  The difference between a weak trend and a strong one can mean a huge difference in your returns.

Many Forex robots depend on following trends in order to make advantageous trades for you.  The downfall of these bots is a choppy market.  Following certain trends may result in equal gains and losses (50-50). But if you could change the equation just a bit, you could increase your gains and decrease your losses.  It’s important to know which trends are the best to follow so that the equation works for you, rather than against you.

Forex Trendy makes comparisons on 34 specific Forex pairs in time frames ranging from every minute to once a month to obtain an accurate depiction of trends within those pairs.  This allows you to choose the most useful trend depending on your trading time frame.  Forex Trendy also runs on dedicated, powerful computers.  You won’t have to install anything on your machine, and there is nothing to download.  Once you have access, you can start using Forex Trendy in just minutes.  You can use it to trade […]

Forex News Trading Strategy


Over the years, there are so many forex trading strategies that have been developed. Do you know that not all these strategies are beneficial to all? Well, forex news trading is one of the best strategies on the market based on economic news. Have you realized that, the stocks of a company get affected whenever there are bad financial performances, this goes with currencies.

The currency of a country is what stock is to companies. This is why it is important to benefit from and trade with forex new trading. Below are some tips on how to benefit from forex news trading;

In the world of forex news trading, investors need to get themselves prepared with the news that is going to be broadcasted. There are mostly times that these economic data of forex trading come out. So, you need to know where to check and which websites have authentic new broadcasts so that you can benefit from it.

Most of the news that come out are figures that which the market anticipates to come out.  There are mostly mixed reactions when these news come out. However; a strategic forex trader will find ways to make sure he or she benefits from all news that comes out.

 Before forex trading news come out, every trader needs to plan very well and also be very careful how they will act. Mostly, it is best to stay in the sidelines in the forex market.
When a forex trader is able to understand and analyze forex news, he or she can act the right way to make sure more pips are won even when the market is going bad.
Also, make sure you are very careful with the type or kinds of news […]

USDJPY Trading

Trading with USD to JPY is particularly interesting in the foreign exchange market at the moment. The dips and rises in the yen are fairly predictable since the Japanese Central bank intervened last year to lower the value of the yen.

Although this may sound like a strange thing for the BOJ to do, it makes absolute sense in a country that is dependent on raw materials from elsewhere, and whose main source of revenue is export dollars generated through the sale of manufactured goods.

Although Japanese technology is long-since not considered to be the ‘Jap Junk’ of the sixties and seventies – in fact it’s now esteemed as high quality manufacturing – there’s a limit to the price one can command on the export market. Of course, central bank intervention isn’t going to change the fact that Japan is a major manufacturing nation that brings in billions of dollars in export revenue and contributes to a healthy trade surplus, so the price of yen in the forex market tends to rise over time.

Despite the yen’s dips and rises, the trend over twelve months is a steady rise despite blips at fairly predictable intervals. The blips look fairly predictable, so speculators are keen to ride the wave, buying during the dips and selling during the rises. These are startlingly frequent, and savvy traders have walked off with substantial profits in a matter of days. It is well worth looking at USDJPY live forex charts and graphs over time to see short and long term trends.

On a short term speculation, the trick would be to estimate the dips and rises with in as little as two to four days. However, if you mistime it, there may not […]

USD strengthens!

Much awaited for the US economy, and finally realized, seems to be the bullish recovery of the dollar against other major currencies such as the GBP and the Euro.


It’s true that in the last week, the GBP has been affected by favourable economic reports, but the USD is clawing its way back to prominence on markets. The US economy has been topping forecasts and showing a steady rise while the GBP remains uncertain and the Euro is set to enjoy only temporarygains against the USD at present.


In contrast, the future of the USD looks bright. Recent signs of strong economic growth and an above expected improvement trade deficit are positive indicators for the future of the USD. Rising stocks and increased consumer spending indicate confidence and a strong potential for further recovery and growth in the US markets.


The labour market, hard hit during the recent recession, is also recovering. This means more people with more dollars to spend, and the overall result will be, not only a boost to the US economy as a whole, but also increased business for countries that supply any form of consumer goods to the US. It’s true: when the US sneezes, the world gets the flu! You just can’t ignore such an influential market!


All of this bodes well for the USD, and given the slightly stodgy performance of other major currencies like the GBP and the likely reverses expected for the Euro, it would appear that the USD is offering a strong return for bucks of any flavour.


Emerging markets are hard hit in recent months, and thus the more established, ‘safer’ markets attract more and more investors at present. The dollar risk is pretty good by most analysts’ […]

The Rouble: what will it do next?

Increased unemployment and the continued interventions of the central bank to support the rouble, bode ill for the future of the currency. It’s certain that no-one’s expecting anything much in terms of growth in the near to medium-term. If long-term growth is going to happen: someone had better come up with a good plan really soon!

Despite high oil prices, the rouble to dollar exchange rate remained unfavourable, and continued to fall during early August.

The Russian economic slump seems likely to continue, and it would be very hard to predict an end to it unless there is a major change in the economic wellbeing and fiscal policy currently employed. Unfortunately, this would appear to be little more than a dream at this point, and further reverses to the rouble are expected by most analysts.

There seems to be a lack of both political and economic will to extract the country from its current economic crisis, and until revolutionary measures are taken, improvement seems to be unlikely.

Sadly, it would seem that that the rouble has stultified, and that investment in this direction is a ‘bad idea’ given that the value of the investment might slide in the same way that the rouble seems prone to.

On the brighter side, the trade deficit has fallen: a good indicator for the medium to long term as well as a boost to investor confidence. There is also talk indicating that Russia is actually allowing the weakness in the rouble in order to encourage international investment. I’m pretty unsure as to whether this is an excuse or a reason:  certainly, the central bank has had its work cut out propping up the rouble: a contradictory signal if a falling rouble is supposed […]

Why the Indian rupee is falling and what it means to traders

The Indian rupee has dropped more in this quarter than it has over any comparable period over twenty years, after the withdrawal of bond incentives from the US Federal reserve that stimulated investment in emerging-market assets.

The Fed comments have got the market re-pricing, and it’s anyone’s guess how long it will be before the rupee stabilizes again. The rupee fell 5.6 % in July alone – the worst performing of 78 currencies worldwide – amid concerns that the country’s Balance of Payments would worsen on the back of the fed’s bombshell.

Since then, Federal Bank President W.C. Dudley said that there was a possibility that the asset-purchase program might be prolonged, causing a slight but immediate improvement in the rupee.

On the whole though, the outlook is for further setbacks in 2013. Given the lack of foreign currency reserves, central bank intervention if any, is likely to be limited. Analysts seem to agree that large-scale intervention would be both impractical and unlikely, so the currency is in for interesting times as it strives to find its own balance.

Although it would be unwise to invest in the rupee as yet, it will certainly be an interesting currency to watch in the coming months.  It seems likely that, as is often the case, it will plummet to a rate that will reflect a lower value than it is capable of, before rising again to stabilize around a more realistic median value.

When this will happen is anyone’s guess at this point, but careful monitoring of the market will allow for a better judgment-call closer to the time. There’s a lot of hope for a recovery, though. The IMF ‘slashed’ the forecast for Indian economic growth to 5.6%: still a […]

Recent economic condition and its influences on Forex trading

Any kind of business is directly related to economy. If economic condition runs well, business will run well. An investor’s confidence depends on economic condition. A smooth economy situation is essential to build up investor’s confidence.


Forex is the biggest and decentralized market place for currency trading. Being decentralized a lot people around the world are trading here. If you want to invest here, you have to gain confidence at first. Because, this is a virtual and risky place. You have to make a big analysis to invest here. Otherwise you could fall in problem. To do so you can take help from Forex tutorial. Forex practice account is also helpful. Here you can have the chance of live forex trading.


If you consider the recent world economic conditions, it will be horrific to you. If you consider the last decade, the world economic was not so good. But now it is trying to recover and has already done to some extent. Day by day the world’s economy is going to be more decentralized and we are now getting its good result. As a result Forex trading is getting more popularity day by day. If you want to learn forex, you can take forex trading tips.


Let’s see some regional examples ——-

Euro Zone:

In recent days some of the countries of Europe did well. Their economic condition is growing fast. Over last 15 months, the economic confidence is enhancing among the investors of euro area. As a result their currency rate is going higher against the other country’s currencies.


At present their consumer sentiment is much higher and highest after April of last year. The currency rate of EURO is now getting stronger against YEN. It is also going […]