Forex Trading Product Reviews



Forex Mentor Pro offers unique and educational video series program that will provide potential traders the foundation that they need to get started.  This program can guide you through several systematic ways to suit your personal comfort levels in learning the skills necessary while making knowledgeable choices and decisions in trading market. 

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 Fapturbo FAPTurbo Forex Robot is one of the most desired automatic Forex trading systems.  It was specifically developed to work seamlessly with MetaTrader4, one of the most popular of the Forex trading platforms.  You can plug FAPTurbo’s software into your MetaTrader4 platform and, quite literally, let it run on auto-pilot.  You only need to review the trades that have been made, either on a day-by-day or week-by-week basis. 

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Crisis Killer Crisis Killer is a Forex trading bot in the same vein as other Forex trading bots already on the market.  Crisis Killer made me want to take the time to review it because its claims seemed too good to be true.  Many automated Forex bots have less-than-stellar performances, leaving me to wonder how much better this one could really be. 

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Forex Trendy makes comparisons on 34 specific Forex pairs in time frames ranging from every minute to once a month to obtain an accurate depiction of trends within those pairs.  This allows you to choose the most useful trend depending on your trading time frame.  Forex Trendy also runs on dedicated, powerful computers. 

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 million dollar The Million Dollar Pips forex trading bot makes use of a risk-management system that is built into its code.  It provides a safe, impressive way to trade confidently in the Forex market.  The excellent capacity of this bot lies in the fact that it does not incorporate martingale techniques, resulting in minimum hassle and cutbacks. 

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Vladimir’s Forex Trading Signals & Mentoring Club

For those in the trade business, or those that may just be starting out, you may be interested in a signals and mentoring club that I have just stumbled upon, called Forex Trading. Vladimir’s forex trading club is an exclusive club that offers you membership and insight and stepping stones to the help you make the right decisions. We will touch up a little on what I have learned about this exclusive club. 

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 Binary Signals Live by Binary option is easy to use, offers great technical support and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.  Even if you got it and didn’t like it (which I don’t see happening), you can easily get your purchase price refunded, no questions asked.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying Signals Live, and from my experience, a lot to gain! 

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